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EFPM Back at the EYOF

GYÖR-After a long break the EFPM has been invited by the EOC (President Janez Kocijancic) and the chair of the local organizers (Györ Mayor Zsolt Borkai) to take part at the EYOF 2017 in Györ.

The EFPM representatives, Mrs. Katarina Raczova, Mrs. Biserka Vrbek and Mr. Christian Hinterberger, warmly welcome by the responsible organizers staff established the EFPM Fair Play Corner – including the „Fair Play Cartoon Exhibition“ and the „Fair Play Photo Competition“ – in the so called „FunZone“ especially dedicated to the young athletes.

The EYOF officially started with a fantastic Opening Ceremony in ETO Park Stadium on sunday evening and at the afterwards reception the EFPM met representatives of several National Olympic Committees, of the AIPS Europe and the Hungarian Fair Play Comittee.

With the visit of numerous youngsters, athletes as well as volunteers, and meeting with the EYOF Young Ambassadors the first days started very successfully.

“This very positive and exciting experience may let us hopefully look forward to continue with this promising cooperation at the EYOF”, EFPM President Christian Hinterberger finally stated.

EFPM Stant

EFPM Stant in EYOF 2027

Györ 1

Katarina and Gabor Deregan (Hungarian Fair Play Committee)

Györ 11

Katarina, Gabor and Hedvig Karakas, Hungarian Young Ambassador, judoka and bronze medaille in World championship

Györ 12

Katarina, Biserka, Gabor and the Slovenian Young Ambassador Katja Kozel

Europen Handball Festival

Eurofest in Koper

Awarding of the EFPM Fair Play Plaque


KOPER-From 3–8 July 2017, the town of Koper hosted the traditional 25th International Handball Festival organised by the Eurofest Sports Agency in collaboration with the Municipality of Koper and the Handball Federation of Slovenia.

This major sporting event was attended by 140 teams with over 3000 participants from 17 countries from across Europe. The Eurofest Handball Tournament which ranks as one of the top-level and most attractive handball events in the world also acts as one of the three reference tournaments of the EHF, catering for everything from mini handball to senior teams.


The Vice President of the European Fair Play Movement and Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia for Sport, Tolerance and Fair Play, Miroslav Cerar initiated the idea to hold an award ceremony for the Fair Play Award which went to the US CAGNES HANDBALL team from France. The activities revolving around the design of the plaque and diploma were carried out by Sonja Poljšak, President of the Sports Association of Koper.

Sonja Poljšak



EFPM Fair Play Plaque Ceremony in Koper


Hinterberger, EFPM President

Announced the Schedule of Haifa Congress

WIEN – Christian Hinterberger, EFPM president delivered all the documents related to EFPM’s 23rd congress to the Web News Center which will be held in Haifa, Israel on October 24-26.

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Haifa -son-2


EFPM President Christian Hinterberger with İsarel’s delagates  Eitan Barak and Ghazi Nujeidat


The 11th World Fair Play Cartoon
Competition Start 7 th June

İSTANBUL-The 11th World Fair Play Cartoon Competition, launched by the FAIR PLAY COUNCIL under Turkey’s National Olympic Committee will start on June 7th. Selected cartoons in these competitions are exhibited in Turkey and abroad and will attract great interest and appreciation. The CIFP World Fair Play Council, an organization of the IOC, has awarded this exhibition the great TROPHY prize for Fair Play Promotion in 2016. President NOC of Turkey Fair Play Council and Vice President EFPM Erdoğan Arıpınar Said’’We would like all the cartoonists in the World to attend this competition’’.
*The conditions required to apply for the contest are enclosed.

11th International Fair Play Cartoon Contest – 2017

Fair Play Commission of the Turkish Olympic Committee announces the 11thInternational Fair Play Cartoon Contest 2017 open.
THEME: Fair Play



1. The competition is open to all amateur and professional cartoonists.
2. The cartoons will be original production of the artist, revealing his/her own approach. Cartoons sent may be of the ones previously published but previously awarded cartoons are not allowed to submit.
3. Technique: Coloured or black and white. The cartoons will not be drawn by pencil but will be painted by pilot type or similar paint according to printing technique. Marker will not be used.
4. All cartoons must be 25×35 cm maximum.
5. Electronic versions suitable for printing in 200 dpi and jpg format will be accepted.
6. Participants are required to put signatures on their drawings. Participants must write in capital letters their names, surnames, address, e-mail, country and telephone number behind their drawings.
7. The cartoons must be sent to the following address, no later than 7 September 2017

11th International Fair Play Cartoon Contest
Türkiye Milli Olimpiyat Komitesi Fair Play Komisyonu
Ataköy 34158 / Istanbul – Turkey

Application via e-mail:

8. Whether awarded or not, selected cartoons will be published in an album. Cartoonists whose drawings published in this album will be sent a copy of the album.
9. TOC Fair Play Commission reserves the right to reproduce the cartoons. By participating in this event, caricaturists agree that all submitted cartoons can be used in exhibitions throughout Turkey and abroad.
10. Regardless of award-winning or taking place in the album, all the cartoons submitted for selection will not be returned.
11. All the cartoonists participated in the competition are implied to agree on the conditions and regulations of the competition.


First Prize: 1.000$ + Plaque
Second Prize: 500$+ Plaque
Third Prize: 250$+ Plaque
Fourth Prize: 100$+ Plaque
*6 Merit Plaques for 6 cartoonists (determined by the jury)


* Erdoğan Arıpınar (Turkish Olympic Committee (TOC) senior member, Vice President of the European Fair Play Movement (EFPM), International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) member)
* Prof.Dr. Bilge Donuk (Vice Chairman of the TOC Fair Play Commission)
* Murat F. Özbay (Member of the TOC Fair Play Commission)
* Teoman Güray( Member of the TOC Fair Play Commission, World Fair Play Cartoon Exhibition Manager)
* Cartoonists: Muhittin Köroğlu, Ahmed Öztürk Levent, Nuhsal Üstü, Şevket Yalaz, Mesut Yavuz.



World Fair Play Cartoon Exibition