President's message

Fair Play - Spirit of Sport


Dear Members and Colleagues,

I am pleased to address you for presenting our vision that aims to make the European Fair Play Movement, THE European values-based organization promoting the notion of FAIR-PLAY, that we want to be understood as concept that encompasses all human values, as a behavior leading active citizens to meet the challenges of the communities in which they live, thus reflecting the dynamism and diversity of sports activities and organizations as a place for learning and highlighting these values. We defined our programme under the moto of: “FAIR-PLAY Spirit of Sport”.

Let me underline that with the current war in Ukraine, we are convinced that preserve sporting, Olympic and European values has never been so important and crucial. This makes our responsibility even bigger in strengthening the exemplary role of sport in the building of active citizens and of bridges between citizens, sports and civic organizations and nations.

The ambition we have is great, and we can achieve our goals, to become a strong partner promoting FAIR-PLAY values and connecting sport, education, public authorities and cities, only by co-working with all stakeholders, by establishing a two-way channel of communication and by learning from each other the best practices in organizing events that will inspire everyone involved in sport. We will place particular emphasis on civic values, specifically with young people and athletes and their entourage so that they can become leaders and responsible citizens contributing to a long-term imprint in the communities and cities hosting the EFPM activities and members.

We have begun this mandate by working on two pillars which are the necessary springboards to continue to develop our movement. We have strengthened the structure of our organization by registering it, with the agreement of the General Assembly, in the city of Brussels then, with the members of the Executive Committee, we have drawn up a strategic plan and vision for four years which cannot be implemented only through your active contributions. This plan has defined four policy areas which are Education, Events, Advocacy and Membership and International Relations.

After our last meeting in September 2021 in Vienna, we look forward to meeting you again to finalize the Strategic Plan and the Vision, to define our next actions, to learn about the projects you have developed in your respective countries and finally to study how to deploy more significantly the actions of the EFPM. It is for this purpose that we will come back to you very soon with the date of the General Assembly, which will take place in Brussels this spring, and with the date of the Awards scheduled to take place after the summer in Rome.

Success will only be achieved through the cooperation and exchanges that we can develop between us. This is the key for me. We have our destiny in our hands, as we continue to integrate and listen to each of you to continue to innovate and strengthen the FAIR-PLAY value as a powerful educational tool. Let’s make a difference together! And let’s do it with and through fair-play and let’s create an European fair-play community. Let’s make fair-play, one of the core European values.


Philippe Housiaux