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EFP congresses

International Congresses organized by EFPM

2017 Haifa (Israel) 

2016 Vienna (Austria)

2015 Baku (Azerbaijan)  “Fair Play in Compettive Sports – Making it Real or just an Ideal?”

2014 Riga (Latvia) “Fair play values-the bridging between sports and culture in Europe without discriminations”

2013 Istanbul (Turkey) “The Olympic and Paralympic Movement – An Alliance for Fair Play”

2012 Verona (Italy) "Professional Sports and Fair Play"

2011 Porec (Crotia) "Sports as a part of culture: Fair Play as a part of Sports Culture"

2010 Prag (Czech Republic) "Fair Play Education in Schools: A shared Responsibility"

2009 : Baku (Azerbaijan) "Fair play in the Service of the inter-cultural dialogue"

2008 : Nicosia (Cyprus) "Violance & Racism: A challenge to the sporting Community"

2007 : Frankfurt (Germany) "The Olympic Values and the Future of Sport"

2006 : Udine( İtaly) "Fair Play in practice:concepts,projects and campaigns"

2005 : Vilnius(Lithuania) "Fair Play: model for Society"

2004 : Vienna( Austria) "Fair Play 2004/Challenges for theory and Practice"

2003 : Madeira(Portugal) "Fair Play,Tolerance and understanding principal keys in sport for All"

2002 : Ljubljana ( Slovenya) "Fair Play: a basic value in sports and life"

2001 : Bratislava (Slovak Republic) "Fair Play Behaviour in Top Level Sports and its    Influence on Youth"

2000 : Paris (France) "Fair Play, Violence in Sport and Society"

1999 : Paris (France) "Ethics and Doping"

1998 : Athens (Greece) "Spectators Conduct and Fair Play Idea"

1997 : Oerias (Portugal) "Fair Play and Top Level Sport"

1996 : Warsaw (Poland) "Fair Play, Sport and Education"

1995 : Istanbul (Turkey) "Fair Play and the Responosibility of the Media"