Rinaldo Orlandi

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Rinaldo Orlandi

Doctorate in Electromechanical Engineering at Genoa University, Italy.
Various Management courses, among which:

  • Interpersonal Skills (London Business School, 1987),
  • Advance Finance for Managers (Management College Ashridge; U.K. 1987),
  • Strategy in Action (London Business School, 1991).
    Languages: Italian, English, French and basic Spanish.



Significant experiences in the technical, commercial and intra-functional fields at a large Multinational Group (Pirelli Cables) with responsibilities and roles progressively expanded up to the position of Managing Director (at subsidiaries in USA and UK) and Corporate Manager (at Group Headquarters).

Since 1994, after setting up his own company (Consulting S.a.s.), he has focused on Consulting activity in the field of strategies and global Management, supporting or guiding companies in their business competitive positioning. In 2014 he launched a new professional activity: TeamImpresa. In this role he was able to combine consulting schemes with direct management experience in the field.



In Italy

  • President of Youth Sport and Recreation Associations in Genoa, Italy: 1960-69.
  • Ju-Jitsu athlete since 1956, he was teacher in 1960, and is now Master with 8 th Dan.
  • In Italian JJ Sport structure, he was appointed National Secretary in 1960.
    In 1971 he was charged with national responsibility for the development of Ju-Jitsu and in 1973 he became National Councillor in the Italian Federation of Martial Arts (part of Italian National Olympic Committee), position covered through 1980.
  • He was charged with responsibility for International Relations from the Associazione Italiana Ju-Jitsu and he is now confirmed in this role from the Olympic Italian Federation FIJLKAM.
  • Author of two books on Sport subjects (“Modern Ju-Jitsu”; “Ju-Jitsu Self-defence”), VHS cassette and DVD.


At International Level

  • Founder and President of “European Ju-Jitsu Federation”: EJJF (1977-1987; now Honorary Pres.).
  • Founder and President of Ju-Jitsu International Federation: (1987-2002; now Honorary Pres.). Under his Presidency JJIF became Member of GAISF (now SportAccord) in 1993 and Member of IWGA in 1994, participating in The World Games in 1997 and 2001, 2005, 2009 and 2013.
  • In 2001 he was elected Member of the Executive Committee IWGA; in 2006 he was re-elected in this position and re-elected again in 2010.
  • Member of Rotary International (since 1998) and Panathlon International (2000-2007).
  • In 2014 he was called to be part of the Founding Working Group of AIMS in SportAccord.
  • In 2016 he was elected President of Ethics Commission of JJIF, position he is still holding.