2018 EFP Plaque of Merit and Diploma, made under the auspices of the European Olympic Committees

Midway through the first half of Toulouse’s and Lyon's Top 14 clash. on 26 November, 2017 Australian back row Talalelei Gray, playing for Toulouse, showed some remarkable sportsmanship towards an injured opponent. On the 20 minute mark, Virgile Bruni, trying to defend just off his line at a ruck, fell to the ground in agony after an opposing player fell on his leg. Bruni had injured his knee and was unable to move as the action continued around him. Gray recognised that Lyon's number eight was in severe pain. Showing commendable compassion for Bruni's situation, Gray kneeled over the injured player protecting him with his body, not trampled on during a vulnerable moment until the arrival of relief. Bruni later thanked Gray for his help, recognizing a particular spirit of Fair Play and sportsmanship. The Trophy was handed over by Katarina Raczova, EFPM ExCom member accompanied by Jean-Pierre Mougin, President of the Association Française pour un Sport sans Violence et pour le Fair Play.