2019 European Fair Play Plaque of Merit and Diploma under the auspices of the European Olympic Committees

In the Mission of the JJEU, the Fair Play has an important role. JJEU is successfully promoting sporting values and has undertaken significant initiatives towards the promotion of Fair Play.

A Fair Play Trophy is awarded at each JJEU ranking list event in Europe. The JJEU offers this trophy to the organisers of these events in order to ensure every event has a standard award for Fair Play. In 2019, for the first time, an annual "Christian Blareau Fair Play Award" for achievement in ethics and Fair Play was awarded for 2018. The origins of the award stem out of the deep respect to the late JJEU President, Christian Blareau, and his outstanding contribution to Martial Arts - particularly in developing and promoting Ju-Jitsu – as well as his example of sportsmanlike behaviour and professionalism regarding his active role in the European Fair Play Movement.