Melih Esen Cengiz's main profession is actually to be an economist. However, he is also a profilic author of novels and histroical books. In this function, he made researches into the history of the largest sports club in Turkey, describing the 100 years of Fenerbahçe, and also relevant events, which forms part of the club's history, such as Fair Play events. This very specia, handmade, leather-covered book, titled “Asr-ı Fener”, printed in 2007 copies, decorated with a 22-carat gold logo, was introduced into libraries, especially the Olympic committee library, with a well-deserved ceremony. Throughout his works and in particular with this book again, Melih Esen Cengiz has provided major support to the Turkey Fair Play commission studies. Moreover, he prepared and presented programs on the history of sports and the values they represents on a television. He is also a member of the Turkish Journalists' Association and ExCom member of the Turkish Fair Play commission.