2022 Türkiye Fair Play Awards Presented

The Turkish Olympic Committee (TOC) celebrated the 41st edition of the "Türkiye Fair Play Awards" on Wednesday, December 6, at the Turkish Olympic House. Organized with the guiding motto "Towards the good, the right, the beautiful," the awards aim to foster and embrace the principles of Fair Play across the nation.


Distinguished guests, including TOC President Prof. Dr. Uğur Erdener, TOC Fair Play Commission President Erdoğan Arıpınar, TOC Board Members, International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) President Jenö Kamuti, Head of the Presidential Office of the International Fair Play Committee Gabor Deregan, and notable figures from the sports world, attended the ceremony.


The event, kick-started by the enchanting performance of the FMV Işık Schools Choir and hosted by Emre Tilev, featured opening speeches from Prof. Dr. Uğur Erdener and Erdoğan Arıpınar.


“Fair Play Means Being a Nice Person”

While Fair Play is commonly associated with sports, it epitomizes a commendable and desirable attitude across all facets of social life. It embodies the essence of being a good, honest, and genuine individual—a 'nice person' in short. Initiated by TOC under the motto "Towards the good, the right, the beautiful," projects like the Türkiye Fair Play Awards play a pivotal role in instilling these values within our society. These awards acknowledge individuals, institutions, and organizations demonstrating exemplary behavior, inspiring others to adopt similar attitudes.


Prof. Dr. Uğur Erdener expressed gratitude to the Fair Play Commission for their voluntary and successful efforts, extending heartfelt congratulations to the 'nice people' honored with the 2022 Türkiye Fair Play Awards.


Erdoğan Arıpınar remarked, “Today, you are in the goodness tent where the awards of the goodness competition will be bestowed. The Türkiye Fair Play Movement, guided by the motto 'Towards the good, the right, the beautiful,' visited nearly 70 universities, brought a total of 80 international awards to Turkish youth—23 European and 57 World awards. Our honorary guests, President of the International Fair Play Committee for 30 years and 2-time Olympic Champion in fencing, Dr. Jenö Kamuti, and his assistant Gabor Deregan, are recipients of a special award from our Olympic Committee. Your applause today goes to the best people. Applaud wholeheartedly and stay with love.”


The Grand Prizes were awarded to commendable individuals at the Türkiye Fair Play Awards ceremony. Among the distinguished recipients were Murat Ağca, an accomplished sports journalist and Editor-in-Chief with over 30 years of experience; Hüseyin Sakarya, recognized for his efforts in promoting Fair Play through his column; and Fencing Coach Ebru Kavzan, who prevented her daughter from being mistakenly recorded as the provincial winner, demonstrating exceptional sportsmanship. Additionally, Özgür Bozat, the Probation Director of Kütahya/Tavşanlı, was honored for organizing impactful events that effectively steered young people away from criminal activities through sports.

Jenö Kamuti, upon receiving the Fair Play Order for CIFP’s 60th anniversary said: “Since my election to the International Fair Play Committee in 1973, after I was awarded with UNESCO Fair Play Award at the suggestion of the French President of the International Fencing Federation, Pierre Ferri, I have been working with the delegate presidency of Fair Play issues for fifty years.


From that day until today, 50 years ago, I can report the closest cooperation I have had with the Turkish Olympic Committee, particularly with the Turkish Fair Play Committee.


I have to say my personal opinion, the Turkish Olympic Committee and the Fair Play Committee are at the top of my ranking, who are particularly concerned with the education of young people in sport and sportmanship. I will never forget the Fair Play events, that I have personally attended in Turkey at the invitation of Aripinar, where I have always experienced the care and attention with which they organise Fair Play education, setting an example in their own country and also to other countries around the world, that you have to win if you can, but not any cost.


I thank you for the invitation and I am happy to participate, and congratulate the Turkish Olympic Committee and Fair Play Committee for being on the right way, and continuing to promote Fair Play in their own country and internationally.”