Angels and devils within us

Today is celebrated by international convention the DAY AGAINST VIOLENCE ON WOMEN, a special occasion to remember all the victims of gender precipitated in the abyss where they hide the orcs, that chasm that is unfortunately in the depths of each of us, human kind, unique in nature capable of extraordinary works and at the same time of ineffectualities without limits, until the catharsis of the species, to the possible mass suicide by environmental implosion.

When I emphasize that each of us hides a horrid full of bad feelings, while externally displaying behavior and thoughts of sublime goodness and beauty, I do not escape and I think nobody can: we are all involved, including men and women, mostly victims. I do not want to repeat myself in exemplary stories, quotations or complaints, which I have already had occasion to express, day after day, since I have become more aware of my responsibility. But I want to take this opportunity to remember that the principle of solidarity must be combined with that of responsibility, that the non-formal, but substantial civic sense must lead us to give direct or indirect help to those who are obviously in difficulty and sometimes renounces or refuses hands outstretched.

Privacy is often the object of a misunderstanding or a convenient alibi for turning the head to the other side. From personal experience, I can tell you that it is better to risk being or appear inappropriate, rather than silent witnesses and in fact accomplices of crimes of ordinary or extraordinary news. Here, even this can be considered an expression of "fair play", a civil commitment in the sign of reciprocity, because dear girls and boys to "each for himself and God for all" corresponds to the contrast "today to you, tomorrow to me ".

Finally, I propose two completely different expressions of mine to symbolically represent the somatic "Lombrosian" concept of the good and the bad, in the awareness that each of us can be an angel as a devil.