“Coubertin Speaks 365”

The San Marino Pierre de Coubertin Committee (CSPC), part of the Section of the San Marino National Fair Play Committee (CNSFP), communicates that on the CSPC Facebook page every day it presents and publishes a quote from Baron Pierre de Coubertin "Coubertin speaks 365" with the aim of making the writings of Pierre de Coubertin, the sporting genius who founded the modern Olympic Games, known on a daily basis.

A daily direct quote from the rich literary legacy of this great humanitarian, His idealistic vision of uniting the world in Friendship and Peace through sport, increasingly relevant today, which manifests itself on a global scale in every edition of the Olympic Games and is expressed here in small fragments of His Work.

The CSPC founded in San Marino on 1 January 2022, a date coinciding with the birth of Pierre de Coubertin Paris 1 January 1863, officially recognized by the Pierre de Coubertin International Committee (CIPC) based in Lausanne, Switzerland, is committed to promoting and making known the Baron's Works in their entirety, share the main lines of his pedagogical and social thought in order to identify the moral, civic, cultural and pedagogical teaching that derives from them.

The CIPC General Secretary of Lausanne, Elvira Ramini, in congratulating the communication received following the CSPC Elective Assembly for the renewal of institutional roles, hopes for fruitful work at the San Marino Committee and informs that the General Assembly March 2024 of the Pierre de Coubertin Committees belonging to the CIPC.

Quotes from P. de Coubertin as well as other interesting facts can be found in: