Dr Janis Kaupe from Latvia awarded with EFPM “Spirit of Fair Play”

The EFPM “Spirit of Fair Play” Award goes to Latvian spors doctor Janis Kaupe.

Janis Kaupe is a Sport doctor, part of the Latvian Olympic Unity team, which is the main organisation providing methodical and medical support for the successful organisation of training work and participation and competitions for the Latvian top Athletes as well as young athletes. Janis is not just a doctor, he is a teacher, athletes’ personality trainer, a charismatic personality who inspire and support athletes on their way of high achievements. He strongly stands with good behavior values, with ethics and Fair Play ideals. On Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 he fulfilled the Covid 19 Liaison Officer duties. It was a new experience but also a hard work in persuading athletes that everything will be fine, that there are no obstacles to achieving their sporting goals, if they must stay at home this time or the disease makes it impossible to go on start. In such situation, it is difficult to maintain the principles of good behaviour and fairness, but Janis with his professional support helped to overcome these difficulties.