EFPM meets Panathlon International

Panathlon International has invited the EFPM President to attend the 21st International Congress - „Education in and through sport – Connecting values, physical leteracy and wellbeing“ - and to 48th General Meeting in Florence, Italy, June 14th – 16th.

Besides several keynotes to the topic and discussion of statutary matters at the GA the official signature of the Memorandum of Understanding by Pierre Zappelli (President Pananthlon International) and EFPM President Christian Hinterberger has been the symbolic highlight, a spotlight for fairplay. In his address to the delegates Christian Hinterberger declared bilateral collaboration in the field of promoting ethical values and fairplay principles in sports and every day life as a main goal for the future of sports in an equal society.

EFPM, finally, is hopefully looking forward to successful development of cooperation betwenn the Panathlon International and EFPM.

Welcome Panathlon International to the Fair Play Family!