EFPM President visited Slovenia for the upcoming EYOF in Maribor

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 9-10 May 2023.

Mr. Philippe Housiaux, the EFPM President, met with the President of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia – Association of Sports Federations of Slovenia (OCS), Mr. Franjo Bobinac in Ljubljana, on 9 May 2023. He was accompanied by Mr. Robert Perc, EB EFPM member from Slovenia.

Mr. Franjo Bobinac, newly elected OCS President (December 2022), welcomed EFPM President and presented a variety of activities Slovenia is doing on different levels of sport and society. Mr. Miro Cerar, Olympian, and Mr. Uroš Mohorič, OCS Director of Sport, contributed to war welcome and friendly discussion on the role of sport and Fair Play in nowadays society.

The focus of the meeting was the upcoming European Youth Olympic Festival, taking place in Maribor, Slovenia, from 23 to 29 July 2023.

There is no doubt that this first step was particularly encouraging in terms of joining forces and making the Summer EYOF an event where Fair Play will be particularly highlighted. The process of implementation of various activities is ongoing.

In the follow up the EFPM delegation visited Olympic Educational Centre, place for meetings, gathering and seminars of OCS and its members. Mr. Aleš Šolar, member of the Slovenian Olympic Academy, presented the history of the Olympic movement in Slovenia and impressive successes of Slovenian athletes at the Olympic Games.

Next day, 10 May 2023, EFPM delegation visited EYOF Organisation Committee in Maribor, to receive on site presentation of the festival, logistical and operational challenges and discuss opportunities for FAIR PLAY – SPIRIT OF SPORT inclusion into the programme.

During the visit, the EFPM President also met with Mr. Lovrencij Galuf, Slovenian Judo Federation President and Mr. Matjaž Pečovnik, EUSA Secretary General, where future projects, membership benefits and cooperation were discussed

In after-visit activities the EFPM President thanked Mr. Franjo Bobinac for the quality and warmth of the welcome received during my two days in beautiful Slovenia. Additionally, he thanked collaborators from the OSC, the Olympic Academy and interlocutors in Maribor who made the visit efficient and friendly.