European Olympic Committees (EOC) 50th Anniversary and General Assembly

The 50th EOC Anniversary and General Assembly took place in Athens (GRE), June 10th/11th. Christian Hinterberger, EFPM President and Ioannis Psilopoulos, EFPM Secretary General actively participated and took the opportunity to contact representatives of several NOC`s there.

Numerous reports and a lot of information, instructions and regulations, especially concerning the Tokyo Games 2020, the EYOF 2022 summer edition in Banská Bystrica (SVK), winter edition in Vuokatti (FIN), the EYOF 2023 summer edition in Maribor (SLO), winter edition in Friuli Venezia Giulia (ITA) and the 3rd European Games 2023 in Krakow and Malapolska (POL) filled the agenda of the two days.

One of the main chapters has been the election and Mr. Spyros Capralos (GRE) was elected President, Mrs. Daina Gudzineviciute (LTU) elected Vice-president, Mr. Peter Mennel (AUT) elected Treasurer and Mr. Raffaele Pagnozzi (ITA) was again elected Secretary General. The composition of the new Executive Committee existing of twelve members shows a quorum of 40% women.

Capralos vowed to work on behalf of all 50 National Olympic Committees, of which representatives from 46 were able to travel to Greece for the special 50th Anniversary General Assembly.

“I’d like to reinstate how honoured I am to have this opportunity to lead the European Olympic Committees, and pledge to do my best to further elevate European Sport in challenging times,” he said. “I have listened to you, and I am confident we will all join forces to ensure we keep the wheels turning by enriching and establishing European sport high in the global sports chart.


“We need to fight together to get for sport a fair share from our government’s budget for the recovery funds after the pandemic. We share many of the same concerns and see the same challenges, but we also have the right armour to turn these challenges to unique opportunities.”

The 50th Anniversary and Gala took place in the historic location of the ancient Panathinaikos Stadium, where also the Piotr Nurowski Best European Young Athlete Prize – winter sport – has been awarded to Ms. Lena Repinc (SLO – Biathlon).