Fair Play Honor Flag

The Fair Play Commission of the Turkish National Olympic Committee (TNOC) has implemented a new project called Fair Play Honor Flag, which includes all sports clubs as of 2021. Erdoğan Arıpınar, President of the Fair Play Commission TNOC and Vice President of the EFPM announced the project at an online press conference at the Olympic House. Every year, one club of those which complied with Fair Play rules will be selected from among several sports clubs in Turkey and will be granted the right to carry the Fair Play Honor flag for one year. Such granting will be accompanied with a ceremony. The public will be kept informed via press conference and through internet. Thus, the Fair Play Flag will allow the spreading of fair play, because the chosen cub will carry the flag on the club post for a year and use this title in all its documents. On the flag of Fair Play Honor, embroidered with glaze Turkey's fair play emblem and EFPM with CIFP and the NOC of Turkey Emblem and emblem sports figures will be found. The project created great interest in the country.