A deeply felt theme that concerns the life of all the boys, girls and adults who accompany them in their growth: Parents, Teachers, Coaches.

Bullying is a form of negative behavior that has always been known, with the spread of You Tube and other social networks where videos and videos of bullying (scuffles, verbal offenses, and isolated teasing) came and are uploaded and shared a form of physical violence and verbal, but the most atrocious is psychological violence, which leaves permanent marks in the soul of the victims they suffer.

Cyberbullying is widespread today, manifesting itself in sharing and spreading videos, threatening and offensive messages through the internet. There are those who are victims of bullying, those who bully and finally there are the many who witness these deplorable acts at school, on sports fields, on the net. It is necessary to reflect with greater awareness and more education and respect, to stop the hand that is about to punch, to stop the mouth that is about to shout an insult, to stop the fingers that are typing a message of hate online on the keyboard.

We must become a team to give a decisive and firm response against the phenomenon of bullying.