Sportska Televizija awarded with THE EFPM “VOX” AWARD

The Sportska Televizija started 12 years ago as a television dedicated to the sport, but not only Top sport. Owned by Croatian Olympic Committee, the main goal was, is and will be to introduce small clubs, “no name” athletes and trainers, to make stories about events that are not interested to the Mainstream Medias in Croatia, to celebrate Fair Play in sports. Very close cooperation with Croatian Olympic Committee, Croatian School Sports Association, Croatian Academic Sports Association and all the other sports associations and federations gave opportunity to those people and organisations who did something good, including Fair Play moves to get on the screen, to say their stories in full format, not just 30 seconds. Sportska Televizija is National TV with 99% coverage in Croatia. One of the Founders of the SPTV is the Croatian Fair Play Movement, so it is normal, that Sportska Televizija is doing the best possible things to promote and support Fair Play in every aspect of Croatian sports life. Sportska Televizija will continue to do this, because it is important, not only for the athletes, but also for the whole new generation.