The nobility of Benedikt Doll (GER)

On 29 December, the traditional biathlon Christmas race, a two-person mixed relay, took place in the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen (GER). Despite both Ole Einar Bjørndalen (NOR), with eight Olympic wins and 20 championship titles to his name the most successful biathlete in history, and Darja Domratschewa (BLR), four-time Olympic champion and two-time world champion, having already ended their great careers, the two athletes, who are a couple in private, too, started together again one last time. They would have finished fourth. However, the German Benedikt Doll, on the third place just before the finish line,saw that Ole Einar Bjørndalen was right behind him.Doll did not want these two legends to say goodbye with a fourth place, so he waited and waved Bjørndalen past. Hand in hand, the two drove through the finish, with Doll carefully staying just behind . This way, Bjørndalen and Domratschewa were happy to bid farewell standing on the podium. Doll and his partner Denise Herrmann were celebrated for their fairness.

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