The Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth wins international award with the National Plan for Ethics in Sport

The Peace and Sport Awards 2021 reward individuals and organizations who have made an outstanding contribution to peace, dialogue, and social change in the world through sport.
December 7, the first day of the celebration, the Youth and Sports Secretary of State of the Government of Portugal was rewarded with the « Institution of the Year » Award for their National Plan for Ethics in Sport (NPES), implemented by the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth (IPDJ).
The NPES encompasses a set of initiatives that aim to disseminate and promote the positive values in sports, notably respect, honesty, tolerance, and solidarity. It is based on five strategic pillars: education, events; publications and research; contest, and campaigns. In total, 2500 awareness sessions have been implemented, 461 certifications of ethical practices have been granted, more than 2000 entities registered on the NPES platform, and 58 entities joined the Fair Play Card. In total, 350.000 children from all over Portugal directly benefited from the NPES, and were encouraged by famous national athletes, notably Jorge Pina.

Joël Bouzou, President and Founder of Peace and Sport, declared: «The National Plan for Ethics in Sport (NPES) launched in 2012 is an exemplary cross-cutting government initiative devoted to Portuguese society. This program has been developed over time by involving several stakeholders throughout Portugal, such as local authorities, sports centers, schools, media, and athletes. It shows that, if the values of sport are used in everyday life, it can produce positive changes in our societies. I fully support the vision of the Portuguese government, which sees sport as a "parallel school", capable of teaching values that are indispensable for the improvement of a more peaceful, inclusive, and equitable society. I warmly congratulate the Youth and Sports Secretary of
State of the Government of Portugal and the IPDJ for leading such an inspiring project!»

João Paulo Rebelo, Secretary of State of Sport and Youth of the Portuguese Government, declared: «When we say we use Sport as a social cohesion instrument, we take it very serious. When we act in light of the values of Sport and the best conduct standards, we are building better individuals for a better society. The NPES, held by the National Institute for Youth and Sport, fully fulfills these goals and has been a key programme spreading the true values of Sport. I have to thank Peace and Sport for this recognition, that has a very special meaning to everyone that has been involved in NPES over the years.»

The « Institution of the Year » Award rewards a public entity, a sport institution or a company leading and/or supporting a sustainable program that contributes to the development of peace through sport. The nominees in 2021 were the Union Cycliste
Internationale (UCI) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

About Peace and Sport
Peace and Sport is an international, neutral and independent organization based in Monaco and placed Under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. The Organization takes concrete action to prove the federating, educational and social impact of sport through sport diplomacy initiatives and field programs with the support of the Champions for Peace club, a group of high-level athletes socially engaged alongside the Organization.
Peace and Sport develops partnerships between the peace (NGOs, UN Agencies, Academics), the sport (Olympic Family, International Federations, National Olympic Committees, Athletes), and the political worlds. It allows to implement and ensure the
sustainability of field programs, maximizing the use of sport for development and peace and leading social transformation in every area of the world affected by poverty or social instability.