The White Card ceremony in Portugal

The White Card Ceremony took place on December 2nd, at the Lisbon Youth Center Auditorium of the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, IP, and included the White Card Awards relating to the 2019/2019 and 2020/2021 sporting seasons.


The White Card was launched in 2015 by the Portuguese National Plan for Ethics in Sport and it aims to recognize, highlight and reward the ethically relevant attitudes and behaviors practiced by athletes, coaches, managers, spectators and other sport agents. In Portugal, the White Card has been adopted by 71 entities, including 24 sports federations, 20 football associations as well as 27 non-profit organizations and municipalities. Currently, is applied in 25 different modalities, both in collective and individual sports, and in several age groups that rank from kids and teens to seniors.


During the ceremony Professor Steve Town, researcher at Bournemouth University and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the European Fair Play Movement, presented the results of a study on the positive influence of the White Card on fair play in sports and also the White Card data were presented. Despite the decrease in sporting competitions due to the pandemic situation by Covid 19, in 2019/2020 the White Card has been shown times and 244 more times in 2020/2021, rising to a total of 2,783 views since its implementation in 2014/2015.


In addition to the winners, the ceremony was attended by the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, João Paulo Rebelo, several federative and associative leaders, city councillors, former international soccer referees and ambassadors of the National Plan for Ethics in Sport.