Actual information from EFPM

2024 has started and the EFPM ExCom has to discuss and plan the relevant activities.

EFPM Executive Committee held its 83rd meeting via video conference on 06. February 2024.

The program included President Philippe Housiaux’s report, Secretary General I. Psilopoulos’ information on current topics and Treasurer Katarina Raczova’s presentation of EFPM’s financial situation.

The most important topics discussed were as follows:

Program of activities (Gen. Assembly, WFPD with emphasis on our 30st Anniversary, the Project "Crossing Europe for Fair Play and Peace" from Brussels to Ischia, the book issued by the Turkish FP Committee, the candidacies for the annual Fair Play Awards Ceremony also reflecting 30 years of the EFPM, a joint action with the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee, etc.).

2024 EFPM General Assembly - ExCom members decided to hold the General Assembly online in June.

2024 European Fair Play Congress - the candidate organisers present their options in writing and the members of the Executive Committee will decide accordingly at the next meeting.