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Edoardo Ferrari (SMR) awarded with EFPM Diploma of Recognition

On 3rd November 2022 the EFPM presented its annually Fair Play Awards. The ceremony took place in Rome in the Hall of Honor of Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI).

Edoardo Ferrari (SMR) was awarded with Diploma of Recognition

The Italian Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Savate, Shoot Boxe and Sambo Championships took place in Jesolo. Many competitions and winners, but one above all has certainly excelled. It is the young Edoardo Ferrari who is 10 years old. He first won in his category at the table because the opponent, due to traffic problems, did not arrive in time to compete in the race, but then, knowing of the arrival of his rival, Edoardo gave the medal back to the judges to try to win it on the mat. Which he then succeeded in, but the most beautiful victory is certainly Edoardo's Gesture of Fair Play, certainly thanks to the teachings of the family and his coaches from the Yama Arashi of Piacenza. Bravo Edo and keep it up.