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Eunice Mortágua awarded with EFPM “Spirit of Fair Play” Award

The EFPM “Spirit of Fair Play” Award presented to Eunice Mortágua from Portugal

The awarded Fair Play story: Eunice Mortágua has been football referee for more than 25 years. In June 2021, the referee from
Aveiro, saw a young player fall unconscious near the end of the game. He had a shock, and he couldnt breathe, he started having seizures. He opened his eyes and understood what people were saying to him, but from one moment to the next, he began to get very tense and roll his eyes. Eunice used the techniques learned in basic life support training with automatic external defibrillation and first aid to "be able to act faster and save a human life". Early on the following day, another player, this time in a U19s game, had fallen unconscious following a clash with an opponent. As he was on the ground he started suffering from convulsions. Eunice immediately intervened by using first-aid techniques.

Eunice, who is also a director of the Portuguese Referees Association said: "I believe every referee should be taught basic first aid techniques. Before being a referee, I'm mother and a human being. I couldn't stand still; it was my duty to help."