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HERstory - a traveling exhibition in Slovakia about and with women

HERstory - a traveling exhibition in Slovakia about and with women

In today's world, we often talk about gender equality. How can we achieve gender equality? What needs to happen for it to become real? A traveling exhibition that takes place in Slovakia fits well with this topic. The organizer is Post Bellum, a non-governmental non-profit organisation founded in 2001. It documents the memories of witnesses of the important historical events of the 20th century to pass these stories on to the broader public. The title of the exhibition, organized by Post Bellum is HERstory: a term for history written from a feminist perspective and emphasizing the role of women or told from a woman's point of view. In its HERstory exhibition, Post Bellum presents 15 important statements of women who have had an important place in our society.

At the exhibition in Slovakia, 15 women testify about life, women's tasks and responsibilities. They are united by a strong will that helped them to assert themselves, succeed, or even survive. Their stories are an inspiring example of how even in difficult times and situations one can resist, be strong and purposeful. Among the 15 outstanding women in Slovakia is Katarina Raczova, EFPM ExCom member and President of the Fair Play Club of the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee. She talks about her family, her sports career, the fair play movement and how they influenced her philosophy of life.