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Tom Distave awarded with EFPM DIPLOMA OF RECOGNITION

Tom Distave (BEL)


On Sunday 19 January 2022, a match between Parc Hockey Club d’Auberghem and Merode Hockey Club took place in the U11 B1 category.

Merode was attacking and was in the Parc circle. At that moment, James, a Parc player touched the ball with his foot (which is a foul in hockey), but the Merode referee did not see it. Tom, a Parc player stopped playing and did not hesitate to tell the referee that his teammate had touched the ball with foot and that he should therefore whistle foul and award a penalty to Merode team. As his mum confirms, Tom doesn’t like injustice or cheating. He likes things to be fair. His coach Patrice congratulated Tom when he came out on the bench for a change. After the match, the referee Merode, who had not said anything at the time, came to congratulate to Parc coach for his player’s fair play act. And Tom was also congratulated by his mother and by several parents and grandparents. At that age, thos kind of nice gesture unfortunately doesn’t happen offen…