Actual information from EFPM

Turkish National Olympic Committee Fair Play Commission has implemented the world's first Fair Play postage stamp

(TSA)-Turkey National Olympic Committee Fair Play commission, by signing a first in the history of world philately, contacted the Republic of Turkey PTT management to celebrate the 7 September World Fair Play Day and ensured the preparation of a Fair Play postage stamp in honor of that day. This work, which will be presented to the public on September 7, will consist of a postage stamp and envelope. On the envelope and the stamp are the badge of the National Olympic Committee of Turkey, the Fair Play emblem and logo of Turkey, the logo of the World Fair Play Day, the badges of the European and World Fair Play Unions, and a laconic statement by Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, for the athletes. The first Fair Play stamp for philatelists. The day stamp ceremony will be held at the PTT museum in Sirkeci, Istanbul. Thus, the Fair Play stamp will take its place in the philatelist world.