Actual information from EFPM


The San Marino National Fair Play Committee (CNSFP) in joining the anniversary of the World Day against Bullying and Cyberbullying on 7 February 2024, wishes to remember and underline the importance of Respect and Education towards others. The day born in 2017 aims to carefully raise awareness of a particular moment of reflection to which everyone is called with responsibility and sharing: Boys, Girls, Adults with the task of reflecting on the topic and supporting them when they are victims of acts of abuse.

Bringing attention to this delicate issue on which the entire society is called to reason, reflect and intervene decisively to support the world of youth and beyond. Avoid violent behavior, both physical and verbal, intentional and prolonged over time, with the precise desire to harm another person to beat up a partner, but also to mock him for his appearance, for the color of his skin, for his difficulties at school, motor and behavioral. Bullying is constantly teasing, teasing and tormenting, stealing objects from the person you have chosen as a victim. Then when the fury against someone takes place via social media with chats and photos that provoke, insult and mock, bullying becomes cyberbullying, unfortunately a very widespread form of fury against others which only causes negative and irreparable consequences for anyone.

Against any bullying and discrimination, we teach our young people Respect towards others, the value of Responsibility, the importance of understanding and accepting others with the belief and awareness that all this can generate wealth.