The European Fair Play Movement

General Assembly





22nd General Assembly in Vienna


of the 22nd General Assembly of the European Fair Play Movement, held at the Fleming’s Hotel

in Vienna, on October 8th , 2016.

1.Welcome and approval of the Agenda


  • The quorum was confirmed with Twenty Five (25) EFPM Corporate Members present, five (5) Associated Members and three (3) Honorary Members and the General Assembly was opened, in accordance with the requirements of the Statutes.
  • The President of the European Fair Play Movement Christian Hinterberger, welcomed the members and the special guests invited by the organizers, and presented the proposed Agenda to the General Assembly.
  • The EFPM Members approved the proposed Agenda.

2.Greetings from European Sport Organizations and InstitutionsThe representatives of the Associated Members (CIFP, AIPS Europe, EUSA, EHF, ETU) as well as the observing delegate of the European Chess Union addressed to the EFPM General Assembly their warm greetings, confirming their intention to continue the fruitful cooperation with the EFPM.

3.Approval of the Minutes of the 21st EFPM General Assembly (Baku 2015)


The Minutes were approved unanimously.

4.President’s report

The President reported to the G.A. about how the work within the EFPM and the member organizations had progressed in the years 2012/2016. The report is included as an appendix to the Minutes of the General Assembly.

5.Treasurer’s Report


The Treasurer Katarina Raczova presented the current financial situation of the EFPM.

The relevant Report is included as an appendix to the Minutes of the General Assembly.

6.Report of the Board of Auditors


Mr. Eytan Barak, Head Person of the Board of Auditors, presented the Report, proposing the approval of the financial transactions by the EFPM in 2015.

7.Approval of the EFPM EC administrative and financial transactions


The General Assembly having heard the Reports of the President and the Treasurer as well as the Report of the Board of the Auditors approved unanimously the EFPM Executive Committee administrative and financial transactions.

8.Board of Auditors


        Following the proposal of the Executive Committee and in accordance to the EFPM Statutes the General Assembly unanimously elected for the next 4 years term of mandate (up to the Gen. Assembly of 2020) the following members of the new Board of Auditors:


  • Eytan Barak (ISR)
  • Zdravka Yordanova (BUL)
  • Bilge Donuk (TUR)

9.Revision of Article 7, para. 7.5 and 7.11 of the EFPM Statutes


The Gen. Secretary Mr. Psilopoulos justified the proposed modifications of the Article 7, para. 7.5 and 7.11 of the Statutes, which deals with the Members of the EFPM.

The Gen. Assembly approved unanimously the modifications.

10.Presentation of the Proceedings from Verona and Baku


Mr. Ruggero Alcanterini presented the electronic version (CD) of the Verona Book of Proceedings. The Verona Book of Proceedings will be submitted at the soonest.

Mr. Khazar Isayev and Mrs Salhat Abassova presented the Baku Book of Proceedings.

President Hinterberger thanked the two representatives and announced the completion of the Baku Congress procedures.

11.European Fair Play Awards

President Hinterberger informed the General Assembly about the 2016 Fair Play Awards, which are as follows:


  • EFP Plaque of Merit to the International Kosice Peace Marathon (SVK)
  • EFP Diploma to Mr. Jan Bobrovsky (CZE)
  • EFPM Fair Play SPIRIT Award to the National Plan for Ethics in Sport (POR) and to the Homeless World Cup Austria (AUT)
  • EFPM Fair Play VOX Award in association with AIPS Europe to Mr. Michalis Mertzianidis (GRE)

12.EFPM Communication


12.1.   The Magazine: PLAY FAIR!

President Hinterberger explained the financial problem that make difficult the editing and the distribution of the magazine PLAY FAIR! The new Executive Committee to stem out of the elections must solve these problems mainly by finding adequate sponsoring.
12.2.    EFPM website.

President Hinterberger underlined the necessity of the EFPM website and the importance of having it reformed and constantly and duly updated.



        12.3    EFPM Newsletter.


President Hinterberger informed the Gen. Assembly about the importance of having the EFPM Newsletter always up-to-date with news on all the Fair Play activities and regularly distributed in Europe

13.23d EFPM Congress and General Assembly of 2017President Hinterberger informed the Gen. Assembly that the seat of the 2017 Congress will be Haifa, Israel 23 – 27/10/2017 and gave the floor to the Israeli delegation to present their event. Mr. Eytan Barak and Mr. Gazi Nujeidat presented the Haifa infrastructure and a relevant video, which were welcomed by the Gen. Assembly.

Mr. Khazar Isayev, President of the Azerbaijan Fair Play Committee, accompanied by the EFPM President Christian Hinterberger, handed over the EFPM flag to Mr. Eytan Barak and Mr. Gazi Nujeidat, responsible for the organization of the 2017 EFP Congress and EFPM Gen. Assembly.

14.24th EFPM Congress and General Assembly of 2018


         President Hinterberger announced the opening of the period for the expression of interest by the EFPM Members to organize the 2018 Congress. The deadline will be the end of August 2017.
Having dealt with all the points of the Agenda, the President declared the General Assembly closed.



Gen. Secretary I. Psilopoulos explained the statutory procedures for the elections and presented the proposal of the former Executive Committee as regards the formation of the Board of scrutinisers. The proposal calls for Carlos Goncalves as President, Steve Town and Gazi Nujeidat as members and the staff of the ASKOE secretariat as assistants. The Gen. Assembly accepted the proposal and the Board took their seats for the commencement of the election procedures in accordance to the Statutes. Mr. Gazi Nujeidat asked the Board to excuse him due to the fact that he has to leave urgently for Israel, something which was accepted.


Twenty five corporate members, five associated members and two honorary members voted and the results are:


For Presidency (21 votes valid and 4 votes void)


Christian Hinterberger     216 votes (elected)


For Members of the Executive Committee (22 votes valid and 3 votes void)


  • Ioannis Psilopoulos        206 votes (elected)
  • Katarina Raczova         196 votes (elected
  • Biserka Vrbek         186 votes (elected)
  • Kveta Peckova           184 votes (elected)
  • Miroslav Cerar         176 votes (elected)
  • Erdogan Aripinar          165 votes (elected)
  • Baiba Veisa           144 votes (elected)
  • Halina Zdebska-Biziewska   122 votes (elected)
  • Philippe Housiaux          104 votes (not elected)
  • Charalambos Lottas         74 votes (not elected)
  • Ruggero Alcanterini           74 votes (not elected)


The President of the Board for the Elections announced the results to the General Assembly and submitted the relevant Report and the votes to the new President Mr. Hinterberger, who declared the whole procedure closed expressing his deep gratitude to the General Assembly participants for their trust in him and the new Board.

16.Extra-ordinary EC Meeting


President Christian Hinterberger called the newly elected Executive Committee for an extra ordinary meeting to form the new Board. Following his proposals, the new Board is formed as follows:


President: Christian Hinterberger

Vice President: Erdogan Aripinar

Vice President: Miroslav Cerar

Gen. Secretary: Ioannis Psilopoulos

Treasurer: Katarina Raczova

Members: Kveta Peckova, Biserka Vrbek, Baiba Veisa, Halina Zdebska-Biziewska


After that, the meeting was declared as closed.



For the records


Ioannis Psilopoulos,

EFPM General Secretary