2011 European Fair Play Diplomas (individuals)

Former world class tennis player Mr. Dominik Hrbaty (SVK) was awarded with the European Fair Play Diploma for embodying the EFPM values and ethics throughout his professional career as well as afterwards. Mr. Dominik Hrbaty demonstrated exemplary behavior embodying the principles of Fair Play and ethics in sports, showing outstanding team spirit as member of the Slovakia‘s Davis Cup team and proving that a sense of justice and a successful sporting career are not a contradiction. In addition, he has acted as a role model outside off of the tennis court, working with children and encouraging them to follow their dreams without neglecting the values of respect and fair play. “I was raised in a way that I should act as a gentleman, regardless of defeat or victory. I am sure I would have been mad at myself after an act of unfair behavior, so I tried to avoid it and I tried to act respectfully on and off the pitch” stated Mr. Dominik Hrbaty after accepting the European Fair Play Diploma.