24th EFPM General Assembly was held in Brussels

24th European Fair Play Movement General Assembly following annual congress was held in Brussels. 

EFPM members from almost 30 countries met to share their experience and ideas on sports integrity issues. Event started with annual congress "Sports. Spirit of Humanity" held in European Commission of the Regions and attended by representatives of numerous religions residenting in Belgium together with representatives of EFPM member countries. 

The annual EFPM Awards ceremony hosted in Parliament of Brussels underlined the importance of effort that people invest into the sports to develop it clean and fair. 

24th EFPM General Assembly took place in Belgian Olympic Committee. Apart from formal schedule that included the confirmation of EFPM budget and reports, the interactive workshop was oofered to participants. Workingg groups were discussing and presenting the possible ways of promoting Fair Play in several aspecsts such as - on pitch, in spectator are, clubs etc.