Boy VOGELZANG awarded with the Fair Play Trophy at the JJEU European Championship 2024

At each event we look for an example of Fair Play and ethics in behaviour among the participants, particularly the athletes, which goes beyond the expected respect for the rules and regulations.


On proposal of the JJEU Sports Director, after carefully examining proposals received from referees, coaches, and the organisation, the JJEU awarded a European Championship Adults 2024 Fair Play Trophy to Mr. Boy VOGELZANG, athlete from the National Team of the Netherlands.


In the second match of the category, his opponent momentarily lost consciousness when in submission on the ground. Mr. Vogelzang recognised the situation before the referee, stopped the grip and started with recovery assistance. At the end, the doctors recognised the situation as non-threatening, but according to the rules, the athlete could not continue. During the process, Mr. Vogelzang stayed on the mat caring for his opponent with concern of his wellbeing, although it was recognised that he was not responsible for the situation. The move was well accepted by the teams and audience.

In the following matches, the athlete's performance expressed high ethical values and proved that the situation which the JJEU recognised as a good Fair Play example was not “a moment in time” but “the way”.

Furthermore, that was attested in the final of the category fighting -77 kg, where he was not able to achieve the gold medal, but accepted it in a true spirit of sportsmanlike behaviour. Congratulations.