Among the many tasks of the San Marino Fair Play Committe there is also that of "carrying out cultural activities aimed at the dissemination and propaganda of the idea of ​​sport, its ideals and values, also carried out through promotional initiatives of an organizational, print and related nature. "(Art.3 paragraph 5 of its Statute).
Today we are discussing a topic, to which others will follow, of important relevance concerning a central, strategic figure: the tariner,the mister the coach, the same Pierre De Coubertin defined Coaches above all Educators.
In sport in general, especially in youth, in addition to physical training, there is also technical training and above all education in values, respect for others, team spirit, habit of discipline, lessons of responsibility. Who is the figure to convey all this? One person is the Trainer, the Mister, the Coach. Even the boys and girls themselves know it, they perceive it as a reference model. It grows as part of a team where they grow up in many ready to move in civil society. The role of the coach is very important, very delicate when you are in contact with the young, caution, temperance, patience when you are in management, in foster a group of young people. Boys who have different cultures, origins, educations, traditions and different expectations.
We need to know how to drive them correctly, accompany them in their growth, taking them by the hand and transmitting those sound principles and values ​​that ignore victory at all costs, but we know that sport is not always easy to claim victories, competition.
The idea of ​​cooperation together, we are not going anywhere by ourselves.
We must also take into account the suffering, the spirit of sacrifice, the fair play that must always guide one's actions on and off the field.

The Sport gives the opportunity to understand that there is no greatness without ethics, we choose what to do, it is the coaches who show us the right path, because Sport is a School of Life and universal values.