Dear friends, we hope you are safe and well!

Dear friends,

On behalf of the Fair Play Family, we would like to extend eour heartfelt greetings to you. We hope you are safe and well.
We are currently going through a period none of us could imagine. Covid-19 is on everybody’s minds. We cannot be with our family and friends and can only be in touch through phone or internet – if at all. All of us are longing for some good news: have they succeeded in slowing down the spreading of the virus? Have scientists found new insights? Have they found a vaccine? For the moment, however, the number of infected patients is increasing and unfortunately, too many are in a critical condition.
At the same time, our lives have slowed down. Perhaps not going to be able to go outside is an opportunity for us to look inside: consider what is that really matters to us, how we could be better people, bear more attention to those around us, show more empathy, consideration, attention. Take a moment to celebrate the medical corps around the world, giving everything and more, to keep us safe.
As a former fencer, descendant of d’Artagnan and his three mousquetaires, I want to ask you to live by their motto: ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL. The simple gesture of staying at home can help those around us. So let’s take care of each other, let’s strictly follow instructions by staying safe and staying at home, and help those in need.
Together, we will come out stronger of this.