EFPM announces the results of the photography competition "We are one Team"

Still at the EYOF in Györ, initiated by EFPM and supported by the Hungarian Fair Play Committee, a meeting with Young EYOF Ambassadors and successful athlete was organized, the content of which was Fair Play in everyday life and how EFPM and the Young Ambassadors can contribute to positively shape the education of young people. At the end of the discussions the participants signed the pledge “I am for Fair Play”.

Moreover, visitors at EFPM’s exhibition booth could cast their votes for the best pictures of the international photo exhibition “We are one Team”. Calculating votes of such photos having been presented on EYOF’s Facebook-page and in Györ, the photos with the most three votes are the following:

I. Péter Szalmás (HUN) - Tears of Joy

II.Timotej Janko (SVK) - Recognition

III. Gerald Pollak (AUT) - 3 Nations. 2 Genders. 1 Circle.

4. László Szokodi (HUN),

5. Gerhard Kasper (AUT),

6. Veronika Michalikova (SVK).