EFPM “Fair Play Green Card” Research Project

Further case studies will be produced as part of this project including the Portuguese National Ethics Plan and their “white card” Serie B Italian Football, and MamaNet (subject to agreements)

The full research article will examine the emergence of a new fair play initiative, the “green card” where this is awarded by an official to a player(s) for acts of fair play as opposed to red and yellow cards for unfair play. There has been no formal evaluation of or research into these initiatives, however, there is anecdotal evidence that this has had a positive impact on values and behaviours. As it has emerged organically there is no codified system or rules of how this card can best be used to maximise impact. It is proposed that this research will lead to a practical tool that can be endorsed by EFPM and promotes widely.

For more relevant information please click on the inserted data sheets in PDF-format.