The Second Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event of the ERASMUS+ Cooperative Partnership Project "Skills For Youth" took place from 17 to 20 February in Kalamata, Greece.

The second joint training focused on the theme "Fair play as a master of democracy and citizenship, social inclusion through the values of equity and correctness" , with the aim of adopting the transposition of the values of Fair Play from the sporting to the civil sphere, as civic education tool.

The "Skills For Youth" Project is funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Commission and sees the Italian National Fair Play Committee CNIFP as the leader of a partnership made up of sports and youth organizations from Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Greece, Latvia and Poland in the framework of Key Action 2 - "Strategic partnerships for youth".

The objective of the SFY project is to encourage the exchange of good practices and experiences in order to foster the personal empowerment of young people, society and community through the values of Fair Play.

Four days entirely dedicated to the training of youth workers on the theme of Fair Play and its application in the education of young people.

The event was hosted by the Balkan Institute of Entrepreneurship in Kalamata and followed an informal methodology, avoiding face-to-face activities, thus ensuring that all participants are equally involved and that everyone can achieve their own opinion and personal development goals.

The Second Joint Staff Training, as well as the entire "Skills For Youth" project, follows principles of a bottom-up and democratic approach, non-discrimination and gender diversity, enhancing cultural diversity and offering everyone equal space for expression and personal growth.

The young participants were guided in the activities by trainers of the Italian National Fair Play Committee and had the opportunity to meet Mr. Ioannis Psilopoulos, Secretary General of the European Fair Play Movement who presented the aims and the work of the EFPM in conjunction with the topic of the event. The participants being educators from small and grassroots youth organisations, had little knowledge about the essence of Fair Play in sport and the society and therefore the presentation made by Mr. Psilopoulos was received with enthusiasm.

Finally, it has to be underlined how warm an well organised was the hosting of the event by the Italian and the local organisers. Well done CNIFP!