Fair Play Award at the European U23 Fencing Championships

On 23.-27. 05. 2023, the 14th European U23 Fencing Championships took place in Budapest (HUN), welcoming close to 400 fencers from 32 countries.

Once again, the European Fencing Confederation (EFC) has proven its open and welcoming attitude towards the partnership with the European Fair Play Movement, which is an important step forward to develop sport in the spirit of fairness and tolerance, thus strongly supporting the development of solidarity, mutual tolerance, teamwork and fair play. In this spirit the EFPM in association with the EFC and Hungarian Fencing Federation awardedHubert Klughardt (POL).

The Polish fencer fought against the Ukrainian Mykhailo Krasniuk reach the top 32 of the epee competition, when all weapons of Mykhailo Krasniuk were out of function. He ran the risk of being excluded from the rest of the competition. His Polish opponent lent him his backup-epée. Finally, in an extremely fierce fight, the Ukrainian fencer lost to the Polish athlete by a single hit and so Hubert Klughardt continued the competition.


At the end of the championships Hubert Klughardt received the EFPM Fair Play Award for his selfless action from Katarina Raczova. EFPM ExCom member, accompanied by J. Kamuti, President of the Hungarian and International Fair Play Committee.