Fair Playin in Turkey celebrated 41st anniversary

Fair Playin in Turkey celebrated 41st anniversary EFPM informed honorary member and former vice president of EFPM Mr Erdogan Aripinar.


It was celebrated with a ceremony held at the Olympic home. In November 1981, upon the instruction sent by the IOC to the world National Olympic committees, the Turkish National Olympic Committee established the first Fair Play council and started the Fair Play studies throughout the country, and in parallel, it joined the EFPM, which was established on May 27, 1964, as a founding member. The 41st anniversary celebrations started with a ceremony at the Olympic House in Istanbul. The National Olympic Committee gave a special banquet, and the whole delegation cut the 41st anniversary cake together. Sending love to the members of EFPM and CIFP.


PHOTOS: Cake for the 41st anniversary of Fair Play in Turkey and Turkey Fair Play Council collectively in front of the Olympic House