The annual Fair Play Festival which has gathered favorable appreciations from those attending the event with a strong ethical connotation in which Sport, Culture and Education meet.
The event was conducted brilliantly by the journalist of San Marino RTV Giovanna Bartolucci who at the opening of the work has read the welcome message of the Excellent Captains Regents LL.EE Mirco Tomassoni and Luca Santolini on the notes of the hymns of San Marino, EFPM and CNIFP . CNSFP President Gian Battista Silvagni carried out his introductory report, followed by greetings from the President of the CONS Gian Primo Giardi, Leo Marino Gasperoni from the Secretary of State Education, Culture Sport, from the Captain of Castello di Serravalle Vittorio Brigliadori and from the official delegate EFPM Ruggero Alcanterini CNIFP President.
The reports and testimonies of the two guests of honor Marco Ragini professional soccer coach and Simone Baldini parathlete have pleasantly caught the attention of the public. Then to follow the ceremony of the prestigious and coveted Fair Fair Awards 2018 were awarded to Pietro Collini, Simone Salvi, Nicolò Francescotti, Tommaso Benvenuti for the Fair Play Awards at Gesto, Doriano Bindi the Fair Play Awards at the Career, at the School Elementary "Our world" of Fiorentino the Fair Play Awards for the Promotion. The Fair Play Flame Awards given by the European Fair Play Movement were presented to Simone Salvi and Nicolò Francescotti, while the Fair Play Youth Prize of San Marino RTV to Simone Salvi and the Fair Play Award of "La Serenissima" il Giornale of the Sammarinese to Tommaso Benvenuti have embellished the event. Finally, the Fair Play Merit Diplomas awarded to Asco 35 San Marino, San Marino Special Olympics, San Marino Gymnastics Sports Club which concluded the awards.
In the morning at the Campo Sportivo in Falciano, the football formations of Asco 35 San Marino and Special Olympics San Marino have come down in "Campo con il Fair Play" which have ended the friendly match of football, after the penalties, with the parity score 7 a 7. The performance of Rhythmic Gymnastics of the "Fair Play Butterflies" of the San Marino Gymnastics Society have enchanted, with their beautiful and impressive performances, the large audience present.

Fair Play is the necessary basis for engaging in sport in a positive, fair, fun, enjoyable way, ensuring that the sporting result can be perceived as a well deserved and obtained honestly applied in its various expressions. The Fair Play is aimed at everyone, every person involved in the sport is responsible for the honesty in the sport. Aware of the need to promote an ethical culture that knows how to look at sport as a school of life and values and not just as a competitive terrain for comparison.