Laureate of EFPM Diploma 2021 Sevim Güllü (Turkey)

Sevim Güllü is a lecturer at the Faculty of Sports and Science at Istanbul University. She is the most active member of the Fair Play Commission of the Turkish Olympics Committee. She has visited 60 universities, where she promoted fair play values using the famous “Fair Play University Caravan” with its travelling fair play resources.

Her articles have been published in national and international journals. Sevim has helped to organize conferences where she explains the concept of fair play to students using various examples, both in sport and society. Sevim holds a master's degree in Fair Play and Olympism and her mantra is: “To teach honesty to students, it is necessary to show them respect. Students who see the concepts of respect and tolerance will accept differences more easily and will not need to resort to cheating in the classroom or in social life. Teachers who teach ethics lessons need to be specially selected. The concept of ethics will not be fully understood and adopted, if teachers are rude, unsympathetic and unjust towards other people and especially towards students. As long as we teach ethics and morals to students, the values that underpin society will prosper. No matter what profession they do, or what role they play, right behaviour is the foundation of society. At the end of the semester, I often see that the students' mastery of the subject is also reflected in their kindness. As a result, the priority of ethics both in social life and in educational institutions should be a concept. When teaching, the consequences of bad examples should be clearly explained. In this way, the student will better understand what it costs to lose reputation, money, prestige and time.”