The San Marino National  Fair Play Committee would like to congratulate the young players of the San Marino Under 12 Championship (2007) who have distinguished themselves during the game phases for the correct interpretation of the rules in fair and fair gaming inspired by the sound principles and values ​​of fair play with virtuous and exemplary examples. Here are the protagonists who saw the Green Cards assigned by the Competition Director:
El Attar Karim Tre Fiori Fiorentino 2 for having reported that the ball ended in a side foul had been touched last by him and therefore the foul from the side was of the opponents and not in his favor.
Riccardo Monteduro Folgore for having reported that the ball had been deflected for a corner by him and therefore was not returned from the bottom as it had been assigned by the referee.
Colonna Filippo Juvenes Dogana for having reported to the referee that it was not a corner kick in his own favor but called from the bottom for the opponents.
Lorenzo Fantini Libertas San Giovanni and Simone Salvi Tre Fiori Fiorentino 2 the Race Director decides to reward the two boys, one per Team, because after having validated the goal scored by Simone Salvi (TF2), the two boys protagonists of the action concerned , claimed that the ball was out of bounds before the goal ended. The Referee did not intervene on the possible side foul, the attack action continued and ended in goal. After the network was validated, the two boys admitted that the ball had passed the side foul line, so the referee decided to cancel the network.
In congratulating for these beautiful Fair Play gestures with the Boys, their Technicians, the Football Societies of belonging and with the FSGC for having established the Green Card that rewards honesty, loyalty, fairness in Sport, the San Marino  Fair Play Committee will give the winners the "FAIR PLAY AWARD TO GESTURE" on the occasion of the "Third edition of the World Fair Play Day" scheduled for next November 2019.