MOU with European Chess Union signed in Riga

On 21 April 2017, the European Chess Union (ECU) board welcomed the president of European Fair Play Movement (EFPM) Christian Hinterberger during the European Individual Women’s Chess Championship 2017 in Riga, where a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between both organizations. Christian Hinterberger introduced the ECU board with the main aims and activities of EFPM, including the interest to cooperate in order to promote Fair Play principles in chess.

With the MOU signed, the ECU and the EFPM declare a joint venture in matters of sports, tolerance and Fair Play mainly in following aspects:

  • to have a close cooperation by supporting the aims and goals of both organizations, for example with common activities, seminars and workshops on several topics of sports and Fair Play;
  • to support each other in publishing articles and information in their respective official publications, webpages and papers;
  • to nominate a member of its Executive Committee as regular contact persons;
  • EFPM will support the ECU to sensitize its members to the importance of ethical values and Fair Play principles of sports;
  • ECU will help to promote the strengthening of Fair Play, tolerance, peace and understanding through and within sports.