The San Marino National Committee Fair Play (CNSFP) hosted the world-famous dancer and choreographerAndrè De La Roche and Move President Alessandro Alcanterini who came to San Marino to promote and organize together with the CNSFP, under the patronage of the Castello di Serravalle council the event inspired by Fair Play and with the collaboration of some institutional and local realities. They viewed two San Marino Gyms and the Little Tony Auditorium Sala Polivalente in Serravalle that could host the event in the coming month of November, whose rich program will be announced later. The two distinguished guests were welcomed by the President Gian Battista Silvagni, the Vice President Maria Rita Morganti of the CNSFP, the Captain of Castello di Serravalle Vittorio Brigliadori and some members of the local Giunta Nicoletta Gasperoni, Roberto Ercolani. Art, Sport, Entertainment and Culture are the driving force of Move on Fair Play. Design, create, promote and support events, shows, projects and evolutionary processes related to art, social, sport and educational values ​​and the sound principles of Fair Play.