National Fair Play Committee of San Marino: NATIONAL FAIR PLAY CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED

The National Fair Play Committee of San Marino, member of the European Fair Play Movement, is lauching the Fair Play Campaign at the national level. All National Sports Federations of San Marino are invited to sign and adopt the FAIR PLAY CHARTER comprising the Ten Commandments of International Sport, the CAHRTER was published in 1975 by the International Fair Play Committee and has been adopted by many International Organizations ad Associations around the world.

This is a warm invitation to the San Marino Sporting Community in the hope that every sportsperson can always be insipred by a spirit of enthusiasm, sharing and determination according to the sound principles and values contained in the Charter of Fair Play, wich champions loyalty,graciousness and sense of justice. Fair Play is a positive and tolerant notion, wich is more than ever a necessity and a priority for Sport.

It is our duty, honour and responsibility to fight with pourpose so that Fair Play is always better recognized, rewarded and promoted.There is no Sport without Fair Play. No Fair Play without Sport.

San Marino National Fair Play Committee