On 23 June, when the Olympic Day is celebrated across the world, the 2020 EFPM Awards were presented to the Turkish laureates

The Fair Play Commission of the Turkish National Olympic Committee (TNOC) handed over the EFPM 2020 Fair Play Awards. The ceremony took place at the Olympic House and was a well deserved reward for all the honorees. The Awards were presented by Prof.Dr. Uğur Erdener TNOC President, IOC member, World Archery Federation President, accompanied by Neşe Gündoğan TNOC Secretary General and Erdoğan Arıpınar, TNOC Fair Play Commission President and CIFP Council Member and EFPM Vice - President.

The 2020 EFPM "Spirit of Fair Play” Award was presented to Melih Esen Cengiz for promotıng the ımportance of ethıcs ın sport.

The 2020 EFPM “VOX” AWARD UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE AIPS EUROPE was presented to Remzi Yilmaz for the contribution made to support the ethical values in sport.

The 2020 EFPM "FAIR PLAY FLAME" AWARD (TO AN ATHLETE OR A TEAM UNDER 18) was given to Beknaz Almazbekov, U14 captain of Galatasaray’s youth team, for a gesture of fair play.

Unfortunately due to sport activities he could not attend the ceremony. The award was sent to his club.