Peace Message from Türkiye on World Fair Play Day

On World Fair Play Day, September 7, observed with various events worldwide, the Fair Play Commission of the Turkish Olympic Committee (TOC) delivered a message of friendship and peace to the World. In a ceremony held at the Turkish Olympic House, the headquarters of the TOC, seven white doves, symbolizing friendship and peace, were released to convey this message.


During the ceremony, TOC Secretary General Neşe Gündoğan joined TOC Türkiye Fair Play Commission in celebrating this significant day. The Commission President Erdoğan Arıpınar stated, "Today, September 7, marks World Fair Play Day, and we gathered here to celebrate one of the most beautiful days in the world. Just as it aligns with the motto of our country, our path will always be towards the good, right, and beautiful. This year, for the first time in the World, Türkiye celebrates September 7 with the release of white doves, a symbol of peace, echoing the words of our nation's founder, the great Atatürk, who said, 'Peace at home, peace in the world!' We extend our gratitude to all those who contributed to today's celebration, especially the Turkish Pigeon Federation. We wish for days filled with happiness, health, and peace for our beloved country, Türkiye, and the entire world."


Following Arıpınar’s speech, the doves representing peace, were released by President Erdoğan Arıpınar, 2nd President Prof. Dr. Bilge Donuk, Vice Presidents Remzi Yılmaz and Dr. Sevim Güllü and Commission Members Melih Esen Cengiz, Hasan Sarıçiçek, Bülent Tuncay, Fatih Kuşçu and Avni Küpeli


The release of the doves was met with applause at the ceremony, attended by Mehmet Ceylan, Vice President of the Turkish Pigeon Federation.