On the occasion of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, proclaimed by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly which is celebrated on 6 April each year, the Pierre de Coubertin International Committee (ICPC) of Lausanne invites its Members and Pierre de Coubertin National Committees recognized, to carry out actions and activities commemorative events.

The San Marino Pierre de Coubertin Committee (CSPC) with the auspices of the San Marino National Fair Play Committee (CNSFP) promotes and organizes the delivery ceremony of the ARALDO and ALFIERE Award 2024, Awards that will be awarded to the third Class C and Serravalle Middle School.

A great recognition for 18 girls and boys, nine boys and nine girls, deemed worthy of receiving the certificate of merit of "BABY STANDARD of the CSPC" for the values expressed and reported in their "MANIFESTO" entitled "THE SPORT THAT UNITES" to the class third C of the Serravalle Middle School"

 The educational project was curated by Professors Ugo Sansovini, Marika Ceccaroli and Paola Tenore "in the belief that sport must promote respect and acceptance and that the flame of Olympism, understood in the Decoubertian meaning of "state of mind" can unite young people in friendship and peace”.


  The 18 Alfieri of the third C, together with the teachers, will receive the certificate of merit of "ALFIERE" on 6 April 2024 during the ceremony to be held at the Serravalle Middle School, to which the HERALD 2024 will be donated.


But we would like to mention all the boys and girls who have been awarded this recognition, for having been able to "rewrite" positive emotions and feelings in their MANIFESTO, in facing their Volleyball tournament with the right sporting spirit.

Baiesi Lanfranchi Emma, Biordi Simone, Borgelli Edoardo, Cesarini Stella Rose, DiRosa Irene, Littera Annabel, Lonfernini Celeste, Mancini Erika, Molari Riccardo, Pasquali Gian Maria, Picchi Giacomo, Tamagnini Anastasia, Tavolini Marianna, Toccaceli Simone, Tyshynska Mariia, Volpinari Gialuca, Zavaglia Nicolò, Zavoli Mattia.

Each of them stood out for having expressed laudable feelings especially towards others and what they have in common is the valorization of behaviors and actions of solidarity, helping those in difficulty, always setting a good example, through gestures of friendship, cooperation , inclusion and Fair Play, so that diversity never becomes barriers.

  A goal that everyone should pursue, for a better world.