San Marino: the RED BENCH is a symbol of anti-violence against women

November 25th "INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE ELIMINATION OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN" is not a date chosen at random. It is the memory of a brutal assassination, which took place in 1960 in the Dominican Republic, at the time of the dictator Leònidas Trujillo. Three sisters, surname Mirabal, considered revolutionaries, on their way to visit their husbands in prison, were blocked on the road by agents of the Military Intelligence Service. Taken to a hidden place nearby, they were raped, tortured, slaughtered with sticks and strangled, only to be thrown over a precipice in their car to simulate an accident. Even today, reality has not changed since that day and it makes us shudder that even in our home, violence against women is often hidden in the home.


The San Marino National Fair Play Committee (CNSFP), with the RED BENCH Project, on 25 November 2019, placed the first Red Bench, in the Ausa di Dogana Park, a symbol of the rejection of violence against women and a tangible and permanent sign of memory . Having red benches gives greater attention to the theme and gives everyone the opportunity to stop and reflect. This year 2020, which we will remember as the year of the pandemic, we are stopped by the coronavirus covid 19 and the second Red Bench, of the CNSFP, will have to wait for better times to find the right location. But I firmly believe that any violence against a woman is the result of an educational failure. "Violence is the last refuge of the incapable". (Isaac Asimov).