Special greetings from Prof. Dr. Carlos Gonçalves, EFPM Honorary member, Former EFPM President

Dear colleagues


On this date, twenty six years ago, some of us, together with other sport officials representing fourteen European countries, we had the privilege to found the EFPM.

Today, celebrating the date, I believe it will be appropriate to remember all those who are not with us anymore, but during several years pied a relevant contribute to our Movement. Tribute to them.

After this so awful health pandemic situation that affected our normal and social life, I firmly believe that all the EFPM members affected by another ne virus ( no...not the coronavirus...) , called SOLIDARITY /FRIENDSHIP, will find enough time to rethink about the relevant role to be played by the EFPM, in a near future ,at the "sport new era", in its broad range of topics and componentes (professional sport, grassroots sport, sport education ... a future sport always based in values and principles.


But today it is time to celebrate. So, dear Friends allow me to invite you. Tonight, by dinner time, choose a good wine (red...white...green... according to your preferences...), rise your glasses, and celebrating above all the LIFE, please, make a toast to the EFPM : "To the EFPM future...HIP... HIP...HURRAH...HURRAH!


Well, at the FIFA House, are calling us for the Founding Assembly of our Movement. The journey is about to begin! How the time has gone so fast Time now to pursuit the achievement of our dreams ( can we live without dreams...???) and goals.

Together the "old" and "new" EFPM generation will succeed!!!

Have a nice and happy day

Hearted wishes from

Carlos Goncalves

EFPM Honorary member

Former EFPM President