The European Fair Play Diploma 2023 under the auspices of the European Olympic Committees presented to Mariaclotilde ADOSINI (ITA)

Mariaclotilde crossed the French Juliette Baudinot to enter the best 32 and won 15-14 but then, the call arrived from the tournament management. The referee, on the score of 13-12 for the transalpine, had assigned 2 hits to Mariaclotilde, and not just one. The video confirmed the error, it was already too late. From the regulation there would be no turning back. «The news took me by surprise – says Mariaclotilde. And for a moment so many thoughts crowded my head. But what mattered most to me at that moment was choosing what was the morally right action to take. Although it might seem easy to accept the already proclaimed victory, I felt that going back to the platform, to re-dispute that last minute, would have been more fair towards the opponent. I lost. Nevertheless, I would do it again. Because the nature of this choice is due to the teachings received from my family, and in particular from my master Francesco "Ciccio" Calabrese»